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Indian Ocean Buoy Picture    Clouds
              during the Cirene cruise

Research Interests

Air-sea interactions in the tropical oceans, with emphasis on the Indian Ocean
Air-sea interactions below tropical cyclones
Intraseasonal variability of the ocean (internal and forced by the atmosphere)
Interannual variability in the tropics
Decadal variability of the Indo-Pacific oceans, including the effect of anthropogenic climate change
Influence of climate variability on Indian Ocean biogeochemistry
    •    Ocean modelling (the NEMO ocean modelling system)
    •    Analysis of observational datasets (sattelites, re-analyses, in situ, etc...)
    •    Oceanographic cruises (the Cirene cruise)
Main ongoing projects

Influence of Indian Ocean climate variability and climate change on  Arabian Sea upwellings
Mechanisms and precursors of extreme El Niño events
Salinity variability in the Bay of Bengal and its impacts
Indian Ocean sea level variability: from intraseasonal to decadal timescales
Air-Sea interactions below Indian Ocean tropical cyclones

Institutional activities
Member (2007-2014) and co-chair (2014-2017) of the CLIVAR / IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Panel
Member (2018+) of the CLIVAR Pacific Panel
Member (2016+) of the Scientific Council of Météo France
Member (2017+) of the CNRS/INSU Commission Spécialisée Océan-Atmosphère (CSOA)

  • Christian Le Provost was a french oceanographer with an impressive legacy in the area of tides and operational oceanography. A "Christian Le Provost, Oceanographe" award was created in 2009 to reward the work of a young french oceanographer. I was particularly happy to receive the Christian Le Provost award in 2010. I was one of Christian pupils in the course he was giving about tides at ENSTA, and I particularly enjoyed his teaching.
  • I have been collaborating with the CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (Goa, India) since 2003. I am particularly proud and happy to have been appointed as  CSIR-NIO  "Adjunct Scientist"  for a period of 3 years starting from 29 September 2016. 

Refereed publications (see my
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Submitted / in revision 
  •   A.G. Nidheesh, M. Lengaigne, J. Vialard, T. Izumo, A.S. Unnikrishnan, R. Krishnan, Natural decadal sea-level variability in the Indian Ocean: Lessons from CMIP models, Clim. Dyn., submitted.
  •   Kug, J-S., J. Vialard, Y-G. Ham, J-Y. Yu and M. Lengaigne, Influence of climate variability outside the Pacific on ENSO, AGU Books, submitted.
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  •   Masumoto, Y., J. Hermes, L. Beal, M.K. Roxy, J. Vialard, and co-authors, 2018: A sustained ocean observing system in the Indian Ocean for climate related scientific knowledge and societal needs, Frontiers in Marine Science, submitted.
  •   Dutheil, C., M. Lengaigne, M. Bador, J. Vialard, J. Lefevre, N. Jourdain, S. Jullien, A. Peltier, B. Sultan and C. Menkes, 2018: Impact of projected sea surface temperature biases on tropical cyclones projections in the South Pacific, Geophys. Res. Lett., in revision.
  •  Krishnamohan, K.S., J. Vialard, M. Lengaigne, S. Masson, G. Samson, S. Pous, S. Neetu, F. Durand, S. Shenoi and G. Madec, 2018: Is there an effect of Bay of Bengal salinity on the Northern Indian Ocean Climate?, DSR, in revision.
Accepted / online
  •   Dutheil, C., M. Bador, M. Lengaigne, J. Lefèvre, N. Jourdain, J. Vialard, S. Jullien, A. Peltier and C. Menkes, 2018: Impact of surface temperature biases on climate change projections of the South Pacific Convergence Zone, Clim. Dyn., accepted.
  •   Neetu, S., M. Lengaigne, J. Vialard, G. Samson, S. Masson, K.S. Krishnamohan and I. Suresh, 2018: Pre/post-monsoon Bay of Bengal Tropical Cyclones intensity: role of air-sea coupling and background atmospheric state, Geophys. Res. Lett., online.
  •   Gastineau, G., A.R. Friedman, M. Khodri and J. Vialard, 2018: Global ocean heat content redistribution during the 1998-2013 Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation negative phase, Clim. Dyn., online.
  •   Izumo, T., M. Lengaigne, J. Vialard, I. Suresh, and Y. Planton, 2018: On the physical interpretation of the lead relation between Warm Water Volume and the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, Clim.Dyn., online.
  •   Lengaigne, M., S. Neetu,   G. Samson, J. Vialard, K.S. Krishnamohan, S. Masson, S. Jullien, I. Suresh, and C. E. Menkes, 2018: Influence of air-sea coupling on Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones, Clim. Dyn., online.
  •   Puy, M., J. Vialard, M. Lengaigne, E. Guilyardi, A. Voldoire, M. Balmaseda, G. Madec, C. Menkes and M.J. McPhaden, 2017: Influence of Westerly Wind Events stochasticity on El Niño amplitude: the case of 2014 vs. 2015, Clim. Dyn., online.
  •   Puy, M., J. Vialard, M. Lengaigne, E. Guilyardi, A. Voldoire and G. Madec, 2016: Modulation of equatorial Pacific Sea Surface Temperature response to westerly wind events by the oceanic background state, Clim. Dyn., doi:10.1007/s00382-016-3480-1, online.

  •   Suresh, I., J. Vialard, M. Lengaigne, T. Izumo, V. Parvathi, and P.M. Muraleedharan, 2018: Sea level interannual variability along the west coast of India, Geophys. Res. Lett., 45.
  •   Planton, Y., Vialard, J., Guilyardi, E., Lengaigne, M., & Izumo, T. (2018). Western Pacific oceanic heat content: A better predictor of La Niña than of El Niño. Geophysical Research Letters, 45, 9824–9833.
  •   Boutin, J., J-l. Vergely, S. Marchand, F. D'Amico, A. Hasson, N. Kolodziejczyk, N. Reul, G. Reverdin and J. Vialard, 2018: New SMOS Sea Surface Salinity with reduced systematic errors and improved variability, Rem. Sens. Envir., 214115-134.


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